Saturday, June 30, 2012

Oh When Oh When you gonna CHANGE??

hmm.. being extremely bored lately~ which is a phase before being extremely buzy.
 darn it I miss my cat so much
 but hey~ that is not why Im here to talk about.
It's about my friend (was)

There are thousand hopes from everyone hoping that you would change someday. (and maybe that someday will come)

but if you asked me personally~ i want you to change so that you wont be a troublemaker towards people around you.
if you only trouble yourself, I REALLY DONT GIVE A DAMN~
*and yes im a keeper  

Yes people might see it physically, but seriously~ that is sooo just to cover everything out

now you are draging the innocent and yes the most innocent among us all. (or she also pretending, im not sure because of super innocent act)

but just so you know~ if shes in trouble during practical
Im gonna lend her my shoulder, and ears. We all will. 
and that time Im guessing you and your monkey can go to hell.
You know how's people has their own perspective aight?

lets think carefully about it kay?~
ouh yeah. trouble maker~
if you make any trouble~ dont drag other people with you.
it does really show how pathetic you are. (and CHICKEN)