Saturday, November 20, 2010

Move On Bell..Cmon..You Can Do It

I feel like i'm walking in the sky
Yesterday tears were in my eyes
What a bad day
Yeah, i've been there before
But, I keep my head up
So, I don't have those anymore
I made a choice to be the best that I could ever be
Gotta stay positive, Ignore the negativity

Gonna follow my intuition
Tell myself to listen
Everythings gonna be okay
It's gonna be a good day
I gotta go with what feels right
Don't always need a reason why

What's the problem?
Compared to the weight of the world
Quit tryin' to please every man, woman, boy and girl
Better pick up the pace
There ain't no time to waste
Tomorrows never promised
So I started livin' for today

All I know is that I just gotta let go
Gelic come back, it's always easy to know
Sometimes it just gets so confusing
Feel like I don't know what i'm doing

But, I trust in my heart
And in the end
It turns out that we are better than anything
See what's meant to be is gonna happen
You know it's gonna be a good day

its from a song
SELENA GOMEZ-INTUITION tryin im tryin ok..
igt senang ker..kalu bende macam nie stored dalam memory..da lme dah belle delete..(but may be i'll just leave it inside the recycle bin kowt)see..*slapping my self*
hee..cmon can do it..
haish..INSAHALLAH..belle akan try:'(