Wednesday, March 28, 2012

lol~ Random again and again

well you see~ its been forever since this blog touched~ barely..
more like seriously
LOL. the last post is about i cat wait for raya>.<
thats ages ago:p
alot things happen~ some change and some still the same=..=
nvm tht..been missing Perfect World~ AGAIN
nvm that also..
since Semester 4 started and  Midsem and all~ akkc
for me and friends =.=

so here i am~ again~ barely tell anything to this blog afraid that some one might read it **ketuk kepala sendiri kejap**
It was ment for ppl to read ler~
the mood for blog writing is damn hard to find
but i manage to find it either way

as you can see i started to mumbling all the way till down here

This week and the previous week is always and always not relaxing as the previous semester
if you really wanna enjoy movie~ but still in your head~ there's a bunch of things you gotta do~ 
this what been bothering me this whole semester,
well i intended to write it in diary~ but to lazy to write :p

well that basically some of it 

dispensing~ urgh~ i just can seems to get all the generic and trade name up in my head yet~ still...envy them who can answer quite easy
or im just a dummy as well

this one been a lot of pressure since Semester 2 or 3 
LOL i even forget it
anyways~ now we in final move
now im in charge of doing the slides~
really dont want to disappoint the members as i did last semester
dunno wht got into me..or again im as well a dummy
i did the slides badly~ and wasnt satisfying
and now i pay for it
I lost their trust
how can i tell? from their face obviously
i disappointed Wani
Sya2 even give me the look (when she look down at things)
Alin and Piya hoping that it wouldnt happen again
Ezani~ lol im not sure about tht guy :p

but guys~ if you read this~ im so so so so sorry :'(
maybe they wont read this anyways :p

damn it was hard to brings out the ugly truth.

now about the practical place
i wish for ipoh
but i want to be with wani as well
but in kulim~ 50% chance to meet with Nashrin :p (gatal)

my friends pulak~
now i really love them~ 
now that we become closer~
i really wish we could stick like this

but soon they will all go their way
more and more

korang~ sayang korang sgt2~
no matter how you guys sound or looks or even behave~
thats whats special about you guys.
and i will always and always loving it
just be yourself now
 (same goes to me i guess)

well just releasing tension here~ 
been watching running man now
that is good source to release tension too~
you laugh all the way till the end. kekeke

okay then~ put i t this way
i wont be able to update this dusty blog~ even when im in holidays~ i rather mix it with something inside the diary/journal
lol its readable
 so i try to write the handwriting that only i can understand :p

gonna face a quite buzy day lately
so~ wish me luck 
<3 bella